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More than 30 years of spiritual service in Europe contributing immensely to upliftment of mindful practice of people and propagation of Dhamma; Ordination as a Buddhist monk on 05th March 1967 Monastery education from 1967 to 1974 and university of Peradeniya Sri Lanka 1975 – 1979 …

More than 10 years of spiritual service in Switzerland contributing immensely towards the upliftment of the Buddha Sasana, effectively guiding Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities in Switzerland and Europe and facilitating assistance in times of humanitarian emergencies.  Ordination…

Spiritual service in Switzerland, since 2019, contributing immensely to uplifting the knowledge of Dhamma among the Buddhist and non-Buddhist community in Switzerland and Europe.   Ordination as a Buddhist monk on 26th March 2003. Monastery education from…

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