Senior Resident Monk (Incumbent President of IBF)

More than 10 years of spiritual service in Switzerland contributing immensely towards the upliftment of the Buddha Sasana, effectively guiding Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities in Switzerland and Europe and facilitating assistance in times of humanitarian emergencies. 

  • Ordination as a Buddhist monk on  29th September, 1977. 
  • 21 years experience of working as a teacher of monastery education
  • Completed monastery education,1979-1987
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka 1991
  • Dip. In language skills and research methodology, University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka 
  • Diplomas from NIE, BCLC, GCI
  • Meditation Practitioner and Counsellor
  • Current President of Council of Devotees of IBF
  • Chief Incumbent of Sri PunyawardhanaramayaPannalaYatigal Oluwa

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