Sinhala Classes

For more than thirty years, we have been teaching Sinhala to both native and non-native speakers. Our Sinhala language classes are culturally rich and engaging; and are tailored to three distinct groups according to the age.

The classes are designed to closely follow the official Sinhala school syllabus, ensuring a solid foundation according to educational standards, and providing a comprehensive education in Sinhala language and culture.

We are pleased to offer our Sinhala language classes for children free of charge. We remain committed to helping young people learn to speak and to learn about Sri Lankan culture.

Description of classes :

Group 1 (Ages 5-10) – 30-Minute Online Classes

In our engaging 30-minute online sessions designed for ages 5 to 10, children explore the Sinhala alphabet through interactive games and activities. These classes focus on building a basic vocabulary with lively illustrations and encourage playful conversations to develop speaking skills.

Group 2 (Ages 10-15) – 45-Minute Online Classes

For students aged 10 to 15, our 45-minute online classes cover comprehensive grammar, sentence structure, and provide cultural insights. Practical learning takes center stage through role-playing and real-life scenarios, creating an immersive language experience.

Group 3 (Ages 15 and Above) – 45-Minute Online Classes

Students aged 15 and above benefit from our advanced 45-minute online classes. These sessions offer an exploration of advanced vocabulary and written skills, encourage creative expression, and immerse learners in the world of Sinhala literature.

Additional classes for all ages :

Customised Learning for All Ages

Beyond our standard groups, we also offer extra classes tailored to the specific needs of learners, including adults. Whether you’re looking to start your Sinhala language journey or enhance your skills, we can arrange classes to suit your individual requirements. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss and schedule additional sessions. Your language learning needs are our priority!

Opening Hours

7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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