Status of the Project

By January 2021, the Project Team, despite the pandemic, has met more than ten times (physically and on zoom) since its establishment to find ways and means of succeeding this Project. 

We are confident that Corona pandemic shall not be a hindrance for our project where the funds are mainly relied upon public donations as IBF is not pursuing any commercial activities. 

Therefore, as the life has to go on, the Project Team has mapped out the fundraising sources and drawn up its initial documentation in reaching out to the prospected donors. 

As an in-house fundraising activity, the Project Team has launched in May 2019, amongst the team members, “One Franc per Day” theme. The expected funds per year is CHF 3600. 

The Project Team envisages to go viral with this theme by introducing 5 persons by each member (10 x5 = 50) targeting of CHF 18,000 per year from this theme. The numbers of the participants can multiply in the coming years with a higher collection. The pledging by devotees range up to CHF 10,000 (or more) 

The Project was officially launched in January 2021 by reaching out to the devotees.

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