About IBF :

As provided for in the Constitution, the International Buddhist Foundation (IBF) established the Geneva Buddhist Vihara at the Seat of the Foundation in Geneva on 08 March 1992 and it has continued to invite Resident Monks to give effect to achieving the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations granted Consultative Status as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) to the IBF in 1998. In keeping with its Aims and Objectives in humanitarian affairs, the IBF participates in the activities pertaining to the promotion of Human Rights, rights of socially vulnerable groups, and Global Environmental protection programmes.

As an NGO, the IBF pursues activities aimed at establishing lasting peace in the world through the promotion of the teachings of the Buddha.

News & Events

Meditation - Children (French)

Speaker/Moderator : Mr. Arjuna Mallawarachchi


Time - 11:15H-12:00H CET


English Dhamma Talk By Venerable Ajahn Sucitto - Cittaviveka Monastery, UK.

Saturady 4 July 2020

Time - 16:00H-18:00H CET

The International Buddhist foundation, Geneva, Switzerland is pleased to invite you for an English Dhamma Talk & Discussion.


IBF Sunday Morning Guided Meditation (English)


Time - 10:00H-11:00H CET

The International Buddhist Foundation in Geneva invites you to a Guided Meditation hour every Sunday morning from 10:00H-11:00H CET. Please feel free to also share with family and friends who might be interested in deepening their meditation practice.


Wednesday Dharma Deshanava & Sakachchava (Sinhala)

Time – 18:00 CET to 20:00 CET

Wednesday Dhamma sermon, and discussion with the participants, based on fundamental teachings of dhamma with a focus on practical application in day to day life situations.Led by Ven Halyale Wimalratne, President of the IBF and Chief Incumbent.


Dhamma School and Sinhala Language Classes


Time – 16:00 CET to 18:00 CET

Saturday Dhamma school and Sinhala language classes for children and the young at heart.


Sunday Sutra Deshana & Sakachchava ( Sinhala )


Time – 17:00 CET to 19:00 CET

SSunday Sutta class – a systematic teaching of Budda’s discourses in Majjima Nikaya.



International Day of Vesak


Vesak Day Sil Programme in Switzerland - 01


Vesak Day Sil Programme in Switzerland - 02


If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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